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This One Card Prevent Skimmers From Stealing the Data from The Rest of Your Wallet...

The DOJ Reports Identity Theft Costs the Victim $1,343 on Average.

Get Your Own RFID Blocking Card, and Protect Your Credit Cards, Driver's License and Personal Information from Being Stolen by a Hacker Standing Next to You. 

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Trusted by over 1.3 Million Readers in the Last Year, and Featured In...

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"I Didn't Even Realize It Was Happening... Until it Was Too Late"

Nowadays, almost all of the cards in your wallet employ some type of near field or RFID capabilities, so they can be read by just waving them near a reader.
But they don’t have a button, or on-and-off switch, so their signal is readable 24/7.
That means that anytime, anywhere, you could be susceptible to a modern theft known as RFID Skimming.
This new method of stealing from you is almost completely undetectable, and can be done from multiple feet away with the right equipment.
How often do you stand or walk near someone…

On a crowded street… or sitting in a crowded restaurant…

Prevent RFID Skimming and Identity Theft With 1 Card

But also thanks to modern technology, we have the ability to block these kinds of attacks, with one simple card you can place in your wallet.

Introducing the Backdoor Survival RFID Blocking Card.

Unlike the thin sleeves which don’t block all frequencies, this card has an active chip embedded in the card that blocks all RFID requests, so your cards are safe and sound in your wallet.

Exact Size and Weight of a Normal Credit Card (less than 1oz)

Discreet and Plain Design

Blocks RFID up to 50mm Away

Fraction of the Cost of an RFID Wallet or Similar cards

Similar Cards are Selling for Up to $35!

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  • Wait... why are they so cheap? What's the catch?
    We’ve decided to sell these at the cost we buy them, so we can start to build relationships with people like you. Instead of massive branding ad campaigns that just get annoying, we’d rather build great relationships.
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    We charge a $1.99 flat rate amount to ship anywhere in the US. That's less than it costs us, but we want to make sure to get these out to as many people as possible.
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