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Lifesaving Personal Water Filter
Personal Water Filter
Everyday Amazon Price - $18 - $25

$1.99 Flat Rate Shipping | USA Orders Only | Strict Limit of 1 per Household

Lightweight (2oz) and Portable

2,000L Filtering Capacity

Ultra-fine 0.01 Micron Filter (99.999% of bacteria)

FDA and EPA Approved

BPA Free, No Chemicals or Aftertaste

Screws onto water bottle or drink straight from source

Unlimited Shelf Life (5 years after used)

Easy to Clean, Easy to Use

Everyday Amazon Price - $18 - $25

$1.99 Flat Rate Shipping | USA Orders Only | Strict Limit of 1 per Household

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Get Clean Drinking Water - Anywhere
2oz water filter can add 36+ days to your survival length.
Water Filter Promo

Do you know that parched feeling… when your mouth and throat feels so dry that it’s like sandpaper?

You never realized how much you depended on water before, but know you are almost fantasizing about it…

Water Can Add 36 Days to Your Survival Time

Without water, our bodies can only last about 3-4 days in any kind of survival situation.

Compare that to food, where our bodies can go about 6 weeks without food (as long as we have an adequate water supply).

That’s an extra MONTH of life, as long as you can get access to even just a little bit of water.

Ultra-Portable, Simple and Dependable

This personal straw water filter design has won dozens of awards all over the world for its simplicity, effectiveness and life saving capabilities:

Lightweight and Portable - weighs less than 2oz, and is a compact 9” x 1” x 1”

High Capacity - filters +2,000 liters of water

Ultra-fine Filters - removes minimum 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites, and filters to 0.01 microns.

FDA and EPA Approved - Surpasses EPA filter standards, passes FDA material standards.

No Chemicals or Tastes - BPA Free, no treatment chemicals needed, so no weird aftertaste.

Water Bottle or Drink Direct - Screws onto any regular water bottle, or can drink straight from water source like a straw.

Unlimited Shelf Life - if you don’t open it, this filter will last indefinitely (or 5 years after you start using it).

Easy Cleaning - to clean out the filter, just force clean water through the drinking side to push out all contaminants through the original dirty side!

There are very similar products selling right now on Amazon for $18 - $30.
Lifestraw on Amazon
“Why are you selling these for so cheap… what’s the catch?"
Great question! We are trying to build a brand and market share within the survival community, and we could do that 2 ways:
  1. Spend lots of money on advertising and branding so you see our stuff everywhere and get to know us… or…
  2. Sell items directly at cost (what we buy them for), and build up our relationships through goodwill and offering value, not just plastering our name everywhere.

So we chose the later! Nice to meet you by the way :)

Ready to Claim Your 50% Off Lifesaving Water Filter Before Supplies Run Out?
$20 $9.99

$1.99 Flat Rate Shipping | USA Orders Only | Strict Limit of 1 per Household

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Product

Odd question… if I drink urine out of it, does it still taste like urine?
Uhhh… don’t ask me how I know, but yes - it still tastes like urine, and the water will for a while too.
Does this filter out chemical toxins?
We DO NOT recommend using this on any water source that you know has chemical toxins, human waste or chemicals. There are way too many variables to account for to deem that as safe.
What’s the shelf life on these?
If you never use it, these will last indefinitely in any type of storage setting. But once you use it, we recommend a 5 year shelf life on the filter itself.
How do I clean it?
Cleaning is super simple. You just need to filter a few ounces of clean water out, and then force it through the drinking side of the filter. This should push out any contaminants and remnant drinking water out the original dirty side.

Shipping and Customer Service

Wait… why are they so cheap? What’s the catch?
We’ve decided to sell these water filters at the exact cost we buy them, so we can start to build relationships with people like you. Instead of massive branding ad campaigns that just get annoying, we’d rather build great relationships.
How much is shipping?
We charge a $1.99 flat rate amount to ship it, or you can come pick it up locally in Oregon for free (although you’ll probably spend way more in gas to get here).
How long will it take to get here?
Your order ships within 1-2 business days from right here in the US, and depending on where you live in the US, should take another 2-3 days for USPS to get it to you. So basically 3-5 days will be a good estimate.
Do you ship internationally?
Unfortunately to keep our costs low, we only ship to the US right now.
What if I’m not happy?
We try our best to please everyone, but if you are not happy with your purchase, you can always contact us at [email protected]